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    Oukhatar, F.; Eliseeva, S.; Bonnet, C.; Placidi, M.; Logothetis, N.; Petoud, S.; Angelovski, G.; Tóth, É.: Toward MRI and Optical Detection of Zwitterionic Neurotransmitters: Near-Infrared Luminescent and Magnetic Properties of Macrocyclic Lanthanide(III) Complexes Appended with a Crown Ether and a Benzophenone Chromophore. Inorganic Chemistry Epub ahead (2019)
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    Oukhatar, F.; Meudal, H.; Landon, C.; Logothetis, N.; Platas-Iglesias, C.; Angelovski, G.; Toth, E.: Macrocyclic Gd3+ Complexes with Pendant Crown Ethers Designed for Binding Zwitterionic Neurotransmitters. Chemistry - A European Journal 21 (31), S. 11226 - 11237 (2015)
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    Oukhatar, F.; Même, S.; Même, W.; Szeremeta, F.; Logothetis, N.; Angelovski, G.; Toth, E.: MRI sensing of neurotransmitters with a crown-ether appended Gd3+ complex. ACS Chemical Neuroscience 6 (2), S. 219 - 225 (2015)

Poster (1)

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    Oukhatar, F.; Angelovski, G.; Logothetis, N.; Tóth, E.: MRI Responsive Contrast Agents: Towards Sensing and Imaging of Neurotransmitters. 2011 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC 2011), San Diego, CA, USA (2012)
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