Kunal Aggarwal (he/him)

Graduate Assistant

Curriculum Vitae

Kunal is currently a master's student at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where he is pursuing an Elite Master of Science in Neuro Engineering (MSNE) program from the School of Computation, Information, and Technology (CIT). His academic journey began at Amity University in India, where he obtained a Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Engineering.

Kunal's research interests are focused on the advancement of neuroimaging techniques. For his master's thesis, he is engaged in a pioneering project titled "Benchmarking Different Anatomical Preprocessing Methods and Adapting the Previously Existing 7T Pipeline to 9.4T Data." This project aims to enhance the processing pipelines for ultra-high-field MRI data, a critical step in improving the resolution and quality of neuroimaging 

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