Alexander Kipnis

Alumni of the Research Group Computational Principles of Intelligence


  • Inductive inference & abstract reasoning
  • Mathematical statistics, mixed and generalized models, supervised learning
  • Multivariate pattern analysis of neural data


Research Experience

Started 2020: Ph.D. in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, MPI for Biological Cybernetics, CPI Lab (Dr. Eric Schulz & Prof. Dr. Peter Dayan)
2020: Staff Associate at Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute, Visual Inference Lab (Prof. Dr. Niko Kriegeskorte)
2019: Internship at Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Neural Interactions and Dynamics Lab (Prof. Dr. Vadim Nikulin)
2019: Internship at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Biological Psychology Lab (Prof. Dr. Paul Sauseng)

2020 - 2022: Studies in Statistics & Data Science, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
2018 - 2020: M.Sc. in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
2015 - 2018: B.Sc. in Psychology, Heidelberg University

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