Light O’Clock

A podcast on light and your body clock

We break down the science behind circadian rhythms so you can be enlightened.

In each podcast episode, we chat with experts in the field about a variety of topics, spanning from the effects of light on our biology and how it can be used for the treatment of psychiatric disorders and beyond.

Episode 1
Light exposure – why should we care? more
Episode 2
Light’s journey through the eye more
Episode 3
Using light to tell time more
Episode 4
Melatonin – the night time hormone more
Episode 5
Shedding light on… pupil size across the lifespan more

Hosting and moderation: Carolina Guidolin

Scientific supervision: Manuel Spitschan

Team: Alexander Hahn, Anna Biller, Hannah S. Heinrichs, Ingo Bednarek (, Lucien Bickerstaff, Marcelo Stegmann, Maydel Fernandez-Alonso, Niloufar Tabandeh

Produced at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

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