Information for PhD candidates

In close cooperation with German Universities, especially the University of Tübingen, students from all over the world are working on their doctorates at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. Here, they profit from a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment and from first-rate scientific resources.

Due to the localization of a number of excellent research institutions as well as educational and advanced training centers at the research site Tübingen, the PhD students get access not only to the colloquia on Max Planck Campus Tübingen, but also to additional training possibilites throughout the whole field of neurobiological, cognitive and medical research.


After clarification of the financial aspects with the institute, especially talented PhD students can apply for the doctoral courses at the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience of the University Tübingen to attend a unique curriculum.

Interested junior scientists with Diploma or Master ´s degree can apply to open positions or speculatively. Please state your interests and research project, add a CV, credentials, grades as well as contact information of two referees and send them to the dedicated department or research group of the Institute.

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