PhD Represenatives

As a part of PhDnet (the PhD network of the Max Planck Society) the PhD representatives act for the interests, topics and issues of the PhDs of the Institute. Each PhD student can contact the PhD representatives with ideas, wishes, concerns and needs.

The single external representative acts for the PhD students towards the PhDnet (and the external structures of the Institute), by reporting to the Section Representative and by voting as a Delegate at the General Meeting on behalf of the institute.

External representative:
Ju Young Lee (Department High-field Magnetic Resonance) 

The internal representatives act within the institute, and contact the institute’s administration, ombudsperson and academic staff member in the scientific council; they may also convene regular meetings of the MPS-PhDs at the institute and organize seminars, workshops, as well as internal social events and joint events with the other institutes of the Max-Planck Campus.

Internal representatives: 
Franziska Brändle (Research Group: Computational Principles of Intelligence)
Vikash Choudhary (Research Group: Systems Neuroscience & Neuroengineering)
Pavel Povolni (Department for High field Magnetic Resonance)
Lion Schulz (Department for Computaional Neuroscience)

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