Internships for Pupils

Internships for Pupils [more]
The Girls'Day is a German-wide initiative for girls to visit especially technical oriented companies, organisations and research institutions for profession finding. Goal is to arouse interest and to bring more women into these occupational fields. The MPI for Biologicakl Cybernetics regularly offers a Girls’Day for girls between 15 and 19 years. The Girls'Day takes place every forth Thursday in April. (German only) [more]
The school laboratory is now a well-established extracurricular learning facility in south-west Germany. Since 2008, over 15,000 pupils have gained insights into the functions of the brain there. It offers one-day school visits during school hours as well as intensive courses in the form of workshops and holiday academies. There are also regular opportunities for teachers to acquire specialised neuroscientific knowledge. [more]
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