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L Hunger, JR Raijput, K Klein, A Mennecke, MS Fabian, M Schmidt, F Glang, K Herz, P Liebig, AM Nagel, K Scheffler, A Dörfler, A Maier, and M Zaiss, "DeepCEST 7 T: Fast and homogeneous mapping of 7 T CEST MRI parameters and their uncertainty quantification," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 89 (4), 1543-1556 (2023).
Journal Article
N Rens, GL Lancia, M Eluchans, P Schwartenbeck, R Cunnington, and G Pezzulo, "Evidence for entropy maximisation in human free choice behaviour," Cognition 232, 105328 (2023).
Journal Article
P Vidafar and M Spitschan, "Light on Shedding: A Review of Sex and Menstrual Cycle Differences in the Physiological Effects of Light in Humans," Journal of Biological Rhythms 38 (1), 15-33 (2023).
Journal Article
PO Wyss, JK Richter, P Zweers, AK Brust, C Funk, N Zoelch, V Vallesi, RK Verma, A Hock, MF Berger, A Scheel-Sailer, and A Henning, "Glutathione in the Pons Is Associated With Clinical Status Improvements in Subacute Spinal Cord Injury," Investigative Radiology 58 (2), 131-138 (2023).
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