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JM Barnby, N Raihani, and P Dayan, "Knowing me, knowing you: Interpersonal similarity improves predictive accuracy and reduces attributions of harmful intent," Cognition 225, 105098 (2022).
Journal Article
V Buendía, P Villegas, R Burioni, and MA Muñoz, "The broad edge of synchronization: Griffiths effects and collective phenomena in brain networks," Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 380 (2227), 20200424 (2022).
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O Pusterla, R Heule, F Santini, T Weikert, C Willers, S Andermatt, R Sandkühler, S Nyilas, P Latzin, O Bieri, and G Bauman, "MRI lung lobe segmentation in pediatric cystic fibrosis patients using a recurrent neural network trained with publicly accessible CT datasets," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 88 (1), 391-405 (2022).
Journal Article
F Birk, F Glang, A Loktyushin, C Birkl, P Ehses, K Scheffler, and R Heule, "High-resolution neural network-driven mapping of multiple diffusion metrics leveraging asymmetries in the balanced SSFP frequency profile," NMR in Biomedicine 35 (6) (2022).
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