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M Fabritius, P Miermeister, W Kraus, and A Pott, "A framework for analyzing the accuracy, complexity, and long-term performance of cable-driven parallel robot models," Mechanism and Machine Theory 185, 105331 (2023).
Journal Article
EG Cuña, H Schulz, E Tuzzi, L Biagi, P Bosco, M García-Fontes, J Mattos, M Tosetti, J Engelmann, K Scheffler, and GE Hagberg, "Simulated and experimental phantom data for multi-center quality assurance of quantitative susceptibility maps at 3 T, 7 T and 9.4 T," Physica Medica 110, 102590 (2023).
Journal Article
F Glang, MS Fabian, A German, KM Khakzar, A Mennecke , A Liebert, K Herz, P Liebig, BS Kasper, M Schmidt, E Zuazua , AM Nagel, FB Laun, A Dörfler, K Scheffler, and M Zaiss, "Linear projection-based chemical exchange saturation transfer parameter estimation," NMR in Biomedicine 36 (6), e4697 (2023).
Journal Article
A Mennecke, KM Khakzar, A German, K Herz, M Fabian, A Liebert, I Blümcke, B Kasper, AM Nagel, FB Laun, M Schmidt, J Winkler, A Dörfler, and M Zaiss, "7 tricks for 7 T CEST: Improving the reproducibility of multipool evaluation provides insights into the effects of age and the early stages of Parkinson's disease," NMR in Biomedicine 36 (6), e4717 (2023).
Journal Article
L Zhaoping, "Peripheral and central sensation: Multisensory orienting and recognition across species," Trends in Cognitive Sciences 27 (6), 539-552 (2023).
Journal Article
M Aharoni, A Breska, MM Müller, and E Schröger, "Mechanisms of Sustained Perceptual Entrainment after Stimulus Offset," European Journal of Neuroscience: European Neuroscience Association Epub ahead (2023).
Journal Article
J Doehler, A Northall, P Liu, A Fracasso, A Chrysidou, O Speck, G Lohmann, T Wolbers, and E Kuehn, "The 3D Structural Architecture of the Human Hand Area is Non-Topographic," The Journal of Neuroscience 43 (19), 3456-3476 (2023).
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