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Werner Reichardt Symposium
Review of a neuroscientific symposium in April 2024 due to the centenary of the birth of institute founder and director Werner Reichardt. more
TEDx Talk: Artificial Intelligence Becomes Natural
TEDx talk by our PhD student Noemi Elteto about how AI is very similar to human intelligence. Noemi´s studies deal with human learning, and the development of human-inspired artificial intelligence.  more


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Journal Article
P Iyyappan Valsala, M Veldmann, D Bosch, K Scheffler, and P Ehses, "Submillimeter balanced SSFP BOLD-functional MRI accelerated with 3D stack-of-spirals at 9.4 T," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 92 (1), 186-201 (2024).
Journal Article
L Plagwitz, S Choi, X Yu, D Segelcke, H Lambers, E Pogatzki-Zahn, J Varghese, C Faber, and B Pradier, "Data-driven time series analysis of sensory cortical processing using high-resolution fMRI across different studies," Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 93, 106136 (2024).
Journal Article
JR Schüre, S Weinmüller, L Kamm, K Herz, and M Zaiss, "Sidebands in CEST MR: How to recognize and avoid them," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 91 (6), 2391-2402 (2024).
Journal Article
R Zeraati, V Buendía, TA Engel, and A Levina, "Topology-dependent coalescence controls scaling exponents in finite networks," Physical Review Research 6 (2), 023131 (2024).
Journal Article
MS Fabian, JR Rajput, J-R Schüre, S Weinmüller, A Mennecke , TA Möhle, S Rampp, M Schmidt, A Dörfler, and M Zaiss, "Comprehensive 7 T CEST: A clinical MRI protocol covering multiple exchange rate regimes," NMR in Biomedicine 37 (5), e5096 (2024).
Journal Article
M Huemer, C Stilianu, O Maier, MS Fabian, M Schmidt, A Doerfler, K Bredies, M Zaiss, and R Stollberger, "Improved quantification in CEST-MRI by joint spatial total generalized variation," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Epub ahead (2024).
Journal Article
P Kang, PN Tobler, and P Dayan, "Bayesian reinforcement learning: A basic overview," Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 211, 107924 (2024).
Journal Article
S Knorr, L Rauschenberger, M Muthuraman, R McFleder, T Ott, K Grundmann-Hauser, T Higuchi, J Volkmann, and C Wang Ip, "Disturbed brain energy metabolism in a rodent model of DYT-TOR1A dystonia," Neurobiology of Disease 194, 106462 (2024).
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