Shared Facilities on the Max Planck Campus

Max Planck Guesthouse

The Max Planck House contains the cafeteria, a guesthouse, an auditorium, a conference room and the campus library.
Max Planck Guest House


The library collects books and journals from within the fields of biology, medicine, mathematics and informatics. It currently stores an estimated 32,000 journals (650 different titles) and 5,500 reference books. Three computer workstations allow free online access to 12,000 different online journals. The most important publications, such as Science, New Scientist, Nature and Scientific American, are always available in the print version as well.

Max Planck EU Regional Office

The Max-Planck EU Regional Office's mission is to promote the participation of Max Planck scientists in research projects funded by the European Union or other international agencies.
Max Planck EU Regional Office

Nursery "Kinderkrippe Planckton"

Kinderkrippe Planckton is a day-care center located on the grounds of the Max Planck Institutes. It takes care for thirty children in three groups, at ages from three months to three years. The core day-care time is 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. However, parents can bring their children at 8:00 AM and pick them up as late as 5:00 PM.
Nursery Planckton

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