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Journal Article
R Joshi, K Sweidan, D Jha, I Kerkis, K Scheffler, and J Engelmann, "Evaluation of crotamine based probes as intracellular targeted contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging," Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 69, 116863 (2022).
Journal Article
JM Barnby, N Raihani, and P Dayan, "Knowing me, knowing you: Interpersonal similarity improves predictive accuracy and reduces attributions of harmful intent," Cognition 225, 105098 (2022).
Journal Article
F Glang, S Mueller, K Herz, A Loktyushin, K Scheffler, and M Zaiss, "MR-double-zero - Proof-of-concept for a framework to autonomously discover MRI contrasts," Journal of Magnetic Resonance 341, 107237 (2022).
Journal Article
F Glang, AV Nikulin, J Bause, R Heule, T Steffen, N Avdievich, and K Scheffler, "Accelerated MRI at 9.4 T with electronically modulated time-varying receive sensitivities," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 88 (2), 742-756 (2022).
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