Wenting Wang

Guest Scientist
Department Computational Neuroscience
+49 7071 601 616

Main Focus

My research focuses on mechanisms of brain functions and dysfunctions - from computational perspectives. I use bayesian and reinforcement learning methods to model the information processing in the brains, with large-scale behavioural, neuroimaging and phenotype data.

Curriculum Vitae


Now | Research Assistant, MPI Biological Cybernetics and Tuebingen Hospital, Germany

2020 - 2021 | Data Analyst, R&D Hub, Sanofi, China

2020 | Research Intern, Continental AI and Robotics Lab, Germany


Now | PhD student in Neuroscience(track: neural information processing), University Tuebingen, Germany

2019 | M.Sc. Data Science, University Konstanz, Germany

2016 | B.Sc. Statistics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

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