Sara Ershadmanesh


Main Focus

I am interested in hybrid, model-based and model-free, learning and decision-making. To understand human behavior related to these systems of decision-making, it is important to understand the way in which they are themselves meta-controlled. Thus, during my Phd, I studied the relationship between meta-cognitive ability and learning style and also manipulation of model-based/ model-free behavior via different methods of self-monitoring. Furthermore, I worked on a hybrid strategy of learning others’ confidences in different social contexts.  In my postdoc, I have started examining Dopaminergic and Noradrenergic manipulation of meta-control over model-based and model-free decision-making. I have collected behavioral (human) data for this purpose. In addition, I am trying to understand the related meta-control via computational modeling of confidence in model-based/model-free decision-making.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Experience

2020-now: postdoctoral researcher, Max-planck institute for Biological cybernetics

2020-2018Visitor (part of Phd thesis) and remote collaboration, Wellcome Center for Human Neuroimaging, Metacognition GroupUCL, London, United Kingdom

2018-2016Phd thesis, Institute of research for fundamental sciences, Tehran, Iran



2014-2019: PhD, Institute of research for fundamental sciences, Tehran, Iran

2011-2008: MSc in Mathematics, Sharif University of Technology

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