Nitay Alon

Guest Scientist

Main Focus

My research aims at modeling the roles of different hierarchies in multi-agent systems. In particular, the role of cognitive hierarchy, structural hierarchy (manager-worker, firm like structures) and levels of learning. The research combines ideas from Game-theory, RL and Economics. 

Curriculum Vitae

2020-present: Phd candidate, the Hebrew University. Sup Prof. Peter Dayan (MPI) and Prof. Jeff Rosenschein (HUJI)

2015-2019: M.Sc in Statistics and Machine learning, Tel Aviv university. Thesis (Adv. Prof Isaac Meilijson) - "The effect of Brownian motion drift change on Skorohod embedded distribution with application to Finance".

2012-2015: Statistics and OR, Tel Aviv Univesity

2012-2015: B.A Economics, Tel Aviv Univesity

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