Data security – VPN

What is sec_rity without u?

Take good care of your VPN computers when working from home. VPN access connects you to the institute. If you are careless with the remote computer, malware creeps in and you transfer it to the institute's network despite working from home via the VPN connection. So: Caution is also required at home.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. With a VPN access, an existing network is "tunneled", i.e. an existing open infrastructure, such as the internet connection, is used to install a closed intermediate route, a tunnel, between the computer at home and the institute.

A VPN connection enables external access to the institute network and is a largely secure and efficient form of data transmission. Properly implemented, its use also serves the Institute's data protection and data security.

The security of a VPN for individual users is primarily based on the fact that your data traffic is encrypted. In addition, you receive a different IP address when you connect to a VPN server. This means that no one can link your online activities to you.

With our VPN access, our IT enables remote access VPN or mobile access of employees to the local institute network.

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