Data security – File Sharing

Share data – decide for yourself with whom

Google Share and similar platforms seem attractive and user-friendly. But we have something even better: in addition to great features and helpful functions, we offer you security for your research data and security for the data of your colleagues and test subjects.

You can give external collaborators read-only access to your files and calendar data on the MPI Nextcloud server. See our pages on how to use Nextcloud. 

Guests can be manually added on request to our internal Mattermost chat system at
Alternatively, the Max Planck Society is also hosting a Mattermost instance called "Minerva Messenger" that allows everyone with an address to register and also to invite external guests by sending an email link. See our Pages on Mattermost in Confluence.

Source Code
For sharing source code, best use the external gitlab server at
Also find information about Git version control system in Confluence. 

Research Data Management
The Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) offers various services that enable the exchange of data with external collaborators. A list can be found on the MPDL website.

Keeper by MPDL
One of the most useful services offered by the MPDL is Keeper, which is highly recommended by Campus IT.

Edmond is the Open Research Data Repository of the Max Planck Society allowing the publication of research data from all disciplines and offering the ability to create citable research objects.

Cryptshare was developed as a secure digital transfer service. ( The GWDG operates the software cryptshare® for the Max Planck Society. In just three simple steps, files can be exchanged in the web browser via the website.

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