Students in good standing on the 5-year PhD program will receive a tax-free stipend and a variety of other forms of support:

During the study phase, students will be funded by a monthly scholarship offered by the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics.

During the research phase, students will be funded by the lab at which they are conducting their research.

Students will also be eligible for:

  • Bridging Funds – to ease the transition from the master´s phase into the doctoral program.
  • Travel Funds – for conferences, professional development and off-campus research
  • Wrap-up Grants – to finalize research work and publications and to go towards a following postdoctoral project. Doctoral students are employed on a working contract, subject to the rules of the Max Planck Society and the participating institutions.

Administrative support: The GTC guides students in obtaining the necessary visas, finding short- and long-term housing, identifying career opportunities, arranging childcare, securing health insurances, setting up a bank account, completing administrative form and handling any issues that may arise.

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