Talks & Events

Apart from scientific talks, various events are taking place on the campus and at our institute. This includes the regular day of the open house, but also seminars, workshops or conferences that we organize.

Meet your Scientist

In this series we want to introduce you our latest research via an interview style with the respective scientist explaining their outcome(s) in a very simple way. Have fun!


Current information on the situation at the Tübingen campus.


Service and excellence 'made in Zambia'

March 20, 2020

Researchers from Germany and the U.S. set off to train African junior scientists in their careers at Collaborative Science Symposium 2020. By Franziska Bröker, Miriam Rateike and Renée Hartig.

Not to teach, but to arouse interest!

March 18, 2020

16 children, four dates, four experiments with eight groups: all twice. Jennifer Smuda is a dedicated young scientist who taught third and fourth grade pupils of a Tübingen primary school the fun, but also the seriousness of science in a playful way.

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