MPSim Multimedia Gallery

Here you find videos of research work carried out within the Motion Perception and Simulation research group.

Motion Simulators

The videos below show the CyberMotion Simulator – a modified robot arm – and the CableRobot Simulator – a unique motion simulation concept.

QVis: Dynamic motion visualization

The videos below shows QVis, a program that can be used to visualize simulator motion in various ways.
For more information, visit our QVis webpage.

Motion Cueing Algorithms

The following two videos show a comparison between two different motion cueing algorithms, a perception-based MCA and a filter-based MCA. The comparison is shown for two simulated car maneuvers: a 180 degree u-turn manuever and an acceleration-deceleration maneuver.

Control behavior in simulation

In the video below, an octorotor is teleoperated from inside the MPI CyberMotion Simulator, while the pilot is exposed to motion feedback.

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