QVis: Dynamic motion visualization

What is QVis?

QVis visualizes simulator motions and body motions during motion simulation in synchronized playback with videos and graphs. QVis can be used in every step of the experimental workflow, from preparation of an experiment to presentation of the results. By providing synchronized playback, QVis allows to gain a detailed understanding of a motion simulation, investigate motion cueing problems, visualize the forces acting on the human body, and present the results to colleagues without having to operate the simulator itself.


Dynamically visualize simulator motion in 3D virtual reality

  • Import custom-built 3D simulator models
  • Visualize forces and rotations on virtual head model

Synchronized playback of simulator motion, videos and graphs

  • Import data in text-based format (CSV)
  • Play, pause, and step the playback

Fully customizable workspace

  • Save and restore layouts
  • Easy-to-use user interface

Export playback as screenshots or videos


Preparation: prepare your simulator test in your office

  • Compare the cueing on different simulators
  • Evaluate motion cueing quality
  • Compare motion cueing alternatives

Simulation: visualize simulator motion in real-time
Analysis: evaluate simulator motion

  • Replay an experiment trial
  • Study motion cueing issues

Presentation: show your simulation to others

  • At meetings or events
  • Qvis-VR: immersive experience with Head-Mounted Displays

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