Publications of K Scheffler

Poster (292)

Bilecen, D.; Seifritz, E.; Rausch, M.; Wetzel, S.; Radü, E.; Scheffler, K.: BOLD Response of the Auditory Cortex in Patients With Unilateral Internal Carotoid Artery Occlusion. 8th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2000), Denver, CO, USA (2000)
Fautz, H.-P.; Scheffler, K.; Hennig, J.: Overlapping Slice Coverage Using Z-Interleaved Phase Encoding (ZIP) Trajectories. 8th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2000), Denver, CO, USA (2000)
Hennig, J.; Scheffler, K.: High Resolution 3D-Myelography and -Ventriculography Using Inner Volume RARE With Optimized K-Space Trajectories. 8th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2000), Denver, CO, USA (2000)
Scheffler, K.; Seifritz, E.; Hennig, J.; Radü, E.; Bilecen, D.: The Effect of Vasoactive Drugs on the BOLD Signal Change: Implications for Neuropharmacological fMRI. 8th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2000), Denver, CO, USA (2000)
Stippich, C.; Freitag, P.; Kassubek, J.; Sörös, P.; Kamda, K.; Hober, H.; Hopfengärtner, R.; Scheffler, K.; Radü, E.; Vieth, J.: Functional brain imaging: Multimodality investigations on the somatosensory-, motor- and auditory systems: A comparative study using magnetoencephalography (MEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Third International Conference on Functional Mapping of the Human Brain, Copenhagen, Denmark (1997)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Scheffler, K.: Optimierung modulierter Hochfrequenzpulse in der Kernresonanz und reguläre und stochastische k-Raum-Trajektorien in der Kernresonanz-Bildgebung. Dissertation, 78 pp., Universität Basel, Basel, Switzerland (1995)

Thesis - Habilitation (1)

Thesis - Habilitation
Scheffler, K.: Schnelle Gradienten-Echo Verfahren für die MR Tomographie. Habilitation, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg i.Br., Germany (2002)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Scheffler, K.: Inverse Probleme in der Bildverarbeitung. Diploma, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiurg i.Br, Germany (1992)

Working Paper (9)

Working Paper
Birk, F.; Glang, F.; Loktyushin, A.; Birkl, C.; Ehses, P.; Scheffler, K.; Heule, R.: High-resolution neural network-driven mapping of multiple diffusion metrics leveraging asymmetries in the balanced SSFP frequency profile. (submitted)
Working Paper
Pravdivtsev, A.; Kempf, N.; Plaumann, M.; Bernarding, J.; Scheffler, K.; Hövener, J.-B.; Buckenmaier, K.: Coherent evolution of signal amplification by reversible exchange in two alternating fields (alt-SABRE). (submitted)
Working Paper
Dyrba, M.; Hanzig, M.; Altenstein, S.; Bader, S.; Ballarini, T.; Brosseron, F.; Buerger, K.; Cantré, D.; Dobisch, L.; Düzel, E. et al.; Ewers, M.; Fliessbach, K.; Glanz, W.; Haynes, J.; Heneka, M.; Janowitz, D.; Keles, D.; Kilimann, I.; Laske, C.; Maier, F.; Metzger, C.; Munk, M.; Perneczky, R.; Peters, O.; Preis, L.; Priller, J.; Rauchmann, B.; Roy, N.; Scheffler, K.; Schneider, A.; Schott, B.; Spottke, A.; Spruth, E.; Weber, M.-A.; Ertl-Wagner, B.; Wagner, M.; Wiltfang, J.; Jessen, F.; Teipel, S.: Improving 3D convolutional neural network comprehensibility via interactive visualization of relevance maps: Evaluation in Alzheimer's disease. (submitted)
Working Paper
Lohmann, G.; Lacosse, E.; Ethofer, T.; Kumar, V.; Scheffler, K.; Jost, J.: Predicting intelligence from fMRI data of the human brain in a few minutes of scan time. (submitted)
Working Paper
Loktyushin, A.; Herz, K.; Dang, N.; Glang, F.; Deshmane, A.; Doerfler, A.; Schölkopf, B.; Scheffler, K.; Zaiss, M.: MRzero: Fully automated invention of MRI sequences using supervised learning. (submitted)
Working Paper
Lohmann, G.; Loktyushin, A.; Stelzer, J.; Scheffler, K.: Eigenvector centrality mapping for ultrahigh resolution fMRI data of the human brain. (submitted)
Working Paper
Molaei-Vaneghi, F.; Zaretskaya, N.; Van Mourik, T.; Bause, J.; Scheffler, K.; Bartels, A.: Laminar Responses to Visual Motion and Pursuit Integration in Human Areas V3A and V6 Measured Using 9.4T fMRI. (submitted)
Working Paper
Molaei-Vaneghi, F.; Zaretskaya, N.; Scheffler, K.; Bartels, A.: 9.4T Human fMRI Study Reveals that Real World Motion Perception Does Not Involve Laminar Organization in V1 and V5/MT. (submitted)
Working Paper
Lohmann, G.; Stelzer, J.; Mueller, K.; Lacosse, E.; Buschmann, T.; Kumar, V.; Grodd, W.; Scheffler, K.: Inflated False Negative Rates Undermine Reproducibility In Task-Based fMRI. (submitted)

Patent (14)

Zaiss, M.; Deshmane, A.; Scheffler, K.: Method And Apparatus For Processing Magnetic Resonance Data. (accepted)
Bieri, O.; Scheffler, K.: Magnetic resonance method for quantification of molecular diffusion using double echo steady state sequences. US8497680B2 (2013)
Petersson, J.; Mansson, S.; Scheffler, K.: System and method for metabolic MR imaging of a hyperpolarized agent. US8483798B2 (2013)
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