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    Azadbakht, H.; Parkes, L.; Haroon, H.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.; de Crespigny, E.; D'Arceuil, H.; Parker, G.: Validation of High-Resolution Tractography Against In Vivo Tracing in the Macaque Visual Cortex. Cerebral Cortex 25 (11), pp. 4299 - 4309 (2015)
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    Logothetis, N.; Eschenko, O.; Murayama, Y.; Augath, M.; Steudel, T.; Evrard, H.; Besserve, M.; Oeltermann, A.: Hippocampal-cortical interaction during periods of subcortical silence. Nature 491 (7425), pp. 547 - 553 (2012)
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    Sultan, F.; Augath, M.; Hamodeh, S.; Murayama, Y.; Oeltermann, A.; Rauch, A.; Thier, P.: Unravelling cerebellar pathways with high temporal precision targeting motor and extensive sensory and parietal network. Nature Communications 3, 924, pp. 1 - 10 (2012)
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    Murayama, Y.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: Activation of SC during electrical stimulation of LGN: retinal antidromic stimulation or corticocollicular activation? Magnetic Resonance Imaging 29 (10), pp. 1351 - 1357 (2011)
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    Itturia-Medina, Y.; Fernandez, A.; Morris, D.; Canales-Rodriguez , E.; Haroon, H.; Penton, L.; Augath, M.; Garcia, L.; Logothetis, N.; Parker, G. et al.; Melie-Garcia, L.: Brain Hemispheric Structural Efficiency and Interconnectivity Rightward Asymmetry in Human and Nonhuman Primates. Cerebral Cortex 21 (1), pp. 56 - 67 (2011)
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    Logothetis, N.; Augath, M.; Murayama, Y.; Rauch, A.; Sultan, F.; Goense, J.; Oeltermann, A.; Merkle, H.: The effects of electrical microstimulation on cortical signal propagation. Nature Neuroscience 13 (10), pp. 1283 - 1291 (2010)
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    Murayama, Y.; Biessmann, F.; Meinecke, F.; Müller, K.-R.; Augath, M.; Oeltermann, A.; Logothetis, N.: Relationship between neural and hemodynamic signals during spontaneous activity studied with temporal kernel CCA. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 28 (8), pp. 1095 - 1103 (2010)
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    Kirsch, S.; Augath, M.; Seiffge, D.; Schilling, L.; Schad, L.: In vivo chlorine-35, sodium-23 and proton magnetic resonance imaging of the rat brain. NMR in Biomedicine 23 (6), pp. 592 - 600 (2010)
  9. Journal Article
    Petkov, C.; Kayser, C.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: Optimizing the imaging of the monkey auditory cortex: sparse vs. continuous fMRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 27 (8), pp. 1065 - 1073 (2009)
  10. Journal Article
    Augath, M.; Heile, P.; Kirsch, S.; Schad, L.: In vivo 39K, 23Na and 1H MR imaging using a triple resonant RF coil setup. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 200 (1), pp. 134 - 136 (2009)
  11. Journal Article
    Logothetis, N.; Murayama, Y.; Augath, M.; Steffen, T.; Werner, J.; Oeltermann, A.: How not to study spontaneous activity. NeuroImage 45 (4), pp. 1080 - 1089 (2009)
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    Schmid, M.; Panagiotaropoulos, T.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.; Smirnakis, S.: Visually Driven Activation in Macaque Areas V2 and V3 without Input from the Primary Visual Cortex. PLoS One 4 (5), pp. 1 - 14 (2009)
  13. Journal Article
    Wade, A.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.; Wandell, B.: fMRI measurements of color in macaque and human. Journal of Vision 8 (10), 6, pp. 1 - 19 (2008)
  14. Journal Article
    Rauch, A.; Rainer, G.; Augath, M.; Oeltermann, A.; Logothetis, N.: Pharmacological MRI combined with electrophysiology in non-human primates: Effects of Lidocaine on primary visual cortex. NeuroImage 40 (2), pp. 590 - 600 (2008)
  15. Journal Article
    Petkov, C.; Kayser, C.; Steudel, T.; Whittingstall, K.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: A voice region in the monkey brain. Nature Neuroscience 11 (3), pp. 367 - 374 (2008)
  16. Journal Article
    Oeltermann, A.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: Simultaneous recording of neuronal signals and functional NMR imaging. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 25 (6), pp. 760 - 774 (2007)
  17. Journal Article
    Sultan, F.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: BOLD sensitivity to cortical activation induced by microstimulation: comparison to visual stimulation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 25 (6), pp. 754 - 759 (2007)
  18. Journal Article
    Kayser, C.; Petkov, C.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: Functional imaging reveals visual modulation of specific fields in auditory cortex. The Journal of Neuroscience 27 (8), pp. 1824 - 1835 (2007)
  19. Journal Article
    Smirnakis, S.; Schmid, M.; Weber, B.; Tolias, A.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: Spatial specificity of BOLD versus cerebral blood volume fMRI for mapping cortical organization. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 27 (6), pp. 1248 - 1261 (2007)
  20. Journal Article
    Petkov, C.; Kayser, C.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.: Functional Imaging Reveals Numerous Fields in the Monkey Auditory Cortex. PLoS Biology 4 (7), pp. 1213 - 1226 (2006)
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