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Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Aston, S.; Denisova, K.; Hurlbert, A.; Olkkonen, M.; Pearce, B.; Rudd, M.; Werner, A.; Xiao, B.: Exploring the Determinants of Color Perception Using #Thedress and Its Variants: The Role of Spatio-Chromatic Context, Chromatic Illumination, and Material-Light Interaction. Perception 49 (11), pp. 1235 - 1251 (2020)
Journal Article
Willmann, G.; Ivanov, I.; Fischer, M.; Lahiri, S.; Pokharel, R.; Werner, A.; Khurana, T.: Effects on colour discrimination during long term exposure to high altitudes on Mt Everest. British Journal of Ophthalomology 94 (10), pp. 1393 - 1397 (2010)
Journal Article
Werner, A.; Bayer, A.; Schwarz, G.; Zrenner, E.; Paulus, W.: Effects of ageing on postreceptoral short-wavelength gain control: Transient tritanopia increases with age. Vision Research 50 (17), pp. 1641 - 1648 (2010)
Journal Article
Werner, A.: Color constancy improves, when an object moves: High-level motion influences color perception. Journal of Vision 7 (14), 19, pp. 1 - 14 (2007)
Journal Article
Werner, A.; Sharpe, L.; Zrenner, E.: Asymmetries in the time-course of chromatic adaptation and the significance of contrast. Vision Research 40 (9), pp. 1101 - 1113 (2000)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Werner, A.; Pokorny, J.; Smith, V.; Valberg, A.; Kremers, J.; Greenlee, M.: Psychophysical Correlates of Identified Physiological Processes. In: The Primate Visual System: A Comparative Approach, 11, pp. 311 - 349 (Ed. Kremers, J.). Wiley, Chichester, UK (2005)

Meeting Abstract (3)

Meeting Abstract
Werner, A.: Colour constancy is a function of the velocity of a moving surface. In 18th Symposium of the International Colour Vision Society (ICVS 2005), 34, pp. 31 - 32. 18th Symposium of the International Colour Vision Society (ICVS 2005), Lyon, France, July 08, 2005 - July 12, 2005. (2005)
Meeting Abstract
Werner, A.: Chromatic adaptation to moving stimuli. In Perception, 33 (ECVP Abstract Supplement), p. 47. 27th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP 2004), Budapest, Hungary, August 22, 2004 - August 26, 2004. Pion Ltd., London (2004)
Meeting Abstract
Werner, A.; Sharpe, L.: Spatial features and chromatic adaptation. In Perception, 31 (ECVP Abstract Supplement), p. 16. 25th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP 2002), Glasgow, UK, August 25, 2002 - August 29, 2002. Pion Ltd., London (2002)

Talk (1)

Werner, A.: Computation of object size: bees perceive the Ebbinghaus-Illusion. International Conference on Invertebrate Vision (ICIV 2019), Kristianstad, Sweden (2019)

Poster (1)

Werner, A.: Stereo Disparity and Chromatic Adaptation. 6. Tübinger Wahrnehmungskonferenz (TWK 2003), Tübingen, Germany (2003)

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Werner, A.; Schmidt, A.; Hilmers, J.; Boborzi, L.; Weigold, M.: Colour Ambiguity In Real Scenes And The Role Of Perceptual Organisation. (submitted)
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