Prof. Dr. Andreas Bartels

Guest Scientist
Alumni Department Physiology of Cognitive Processes
Institutional Guests
+49 7071 29-89168

Main Focus

Visual perception and processing

My interests are centred on visual perception and the underlying neural substrates in the human brain. We use motion stimuli, virtual reality and naturalistic movies to study self- or object-motion, spatial representations and related memory processes.

In addition, we use visual illusions and bi-stable stimuli such as binocular (dichoptic) stimulation to learn about conscious versus unconscious processing, perceptual selection, grouping and scene segmentation.

Methods: we use fMRI (3 Tesla and 9.4 Tesla for laminar and columnar ultra-high-resolution imaging), neuronavigated TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), and EEG to collect data or to interfere with neural processing, respectively.

For analyses, we use multivariate techniques such as classifiers, representational similarity analyses (RSA), and we work closely with AI colleagues to relate brain activity to deep neural networks.

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