Marco Grottoli

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action
Alumni of the Group Motion Perception and Simulation

Main Focus

Visiting PhD Student in the Motion Perception and Simulation research group The use of Model Predictive Control (MPC) techniques for motion simulation in becoming popular due to the different advantages that this technique brings to the development of a motion cueing algorithm. Nevertheless, different obstacles are involved to make the use of MPC possible during active driving. One of the main challenges is to understand how the reference given to the controller during the future prediction horizon will influence the controller results.The goal of my research in the Motion Perception and Simulation group is to understand the influence of the reference strategy adopted on the overall perceived inertial motion quality.
MOTOrcycle Rider Integrated SafeTy (MOTORIST)

The aim of the research activities within the project is to make the use of Powered-Two-Wheelers (PTWs) safer such that fewer accidents occur and if an accident is unavoidable the consequences for the rider to sustain injuries are minimal. The results of this project will be a set of rider training guidelines that are proven to be effective, safety system concepts implemented on PTWs and improved personal protective equipment and accompanying standards.

Curriculum Vitae

Marco Grottoli

Marco Grottoli is a mechatronic engineer with a strong interest in modelling and control technique for ground vehicle motion simulation. His main focus is the development and validation of motion cueing algorithms for vehicles such as motorcycles and cars.

Current position

Since Oct 2014

PhD student at Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands and Research engineer at Siemens Industry Software nv, Leuven, Belgium.



Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mechatronic Engineering, Polytechnic University of Milan, Milan, Italy.
Thesis title: Modelling and Control Techniques for Driving Simulators

2008-2011 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering , Polytechnic University of Milan, Milan, Italy.
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