Soumyadeep Mukherjee

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action

Main Focus

I am an intern working under Dr. Aamir Ahmed, currently a pre-final year student pursuing Bachelor + Masters degree at Indian Institute of technology, Kharagpur, India.

My research vision includes:

  • Robot Vision - 3D Reconstruction from Multiple Images, Target Tracking, Human Detetcion and and localisation are my major areas of interest. Recently, I have been introduced to non-perspective models of projection like fish-eye which have a wider field of view.
  • Multi-Robot Interaction -  My research has also been focussed on multi robot scnarios and devloping AI to play soccer along with decentralised swarm robots to perform simple tasks like exploration in known and unknown maps efficiently.
  • Legged Robot Locomotion - Recently, i have also played with robots with legs to get them to stand, walk and choose gaits efficiently to optimise speed and stability.

Also, I love to make small hobby robots that can do simple tasks like follow arrows, solve maze, wrist controlled, braille to text etc. for various contests in the university to earn easy money.

Other than robotics, I also like to work on simple applications for phone or web using vision techniques to make life easier and better.

My github username : sam17

Moving Baseline Stereo from Aerial Robots

Intern, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

Currently, I am working on getting the 3D coordinates of a tracked target from cameras with fish-eye lenss on different aerial vehicles.

Vison Based Pedestrian Tracking for Advanced Driver Assistance System

Research Assistant, Centre for High Performance Embedded System, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

My work involved developing a pedestrian tracker using Kalman Filter that improved pedestrian detection using tracking information. I also worked on ego-motion compensation for the same since the camera feed was from a moving vehicle.

Autnomous Robo-soccer

Kharagpur Robosoccer Student's Group, IIT Kharagpur

My work involves developing and improving the vision module for the detection and orientation estimation of the robots from an over-head feed. I also contributed towards path planning algorithms and soccer playing strategies for differential drive and four-wheeld omni-directional robots.


Decentralized Terrain Exploration with Robot Swarms

Technology Robotix Society, IIT Kharagpur

The aim of this project is to design a team of co-ordinating robots which use swarm intelligence to achieve a number of objectives related to navigation and mapping. I am working on multiple agent decentralised path planning on the basis of relative localistaion data. Also, I am trying to develop a scalable framework of swarm robot systems using ROS which can be used for any task by modifying the speciic modules.

Github Organisation:

Curriculum Vitae

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