Jonathan Allsop

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action
Alumni of the Group Cognition and Control in Human-Machine Systems

Main Focus

The ability to optimally perform visual motor skills in high-pressure situations is a desirable characteristic across many different domains. I investigate the influence of anxiety and performance pressure on movement kinematics and visual attention. During the course of my PhD, I have examined this topic in a variety of tasks and domains, including manual-aiming, sport and aviation.

Project title: Investigating the effects of anxiety and workload on visual attention and movement kinematics in a simulated flight task

Curriculum Vitae

PhD Candidate - University of Birmingham (2011-2015)

MSc (Distinction) - Bangor University (2010-2011)

1st Class BA(Hons) - University of Birmingham (2006-2009)

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