Jonas Walter

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action
Alumni of the Group Cognition and Control in Human-Machine Systems

Main Focus

Research Group:


My current lab rotation in the lab of Lewis Chuang, PhD, tackles the question of how anticipatory eye-movements evolve during a closed-loop control task. In a steering task it is tested if gaze strategies during a simple flight maneuver are generic or if they are shaped by the field of view of the training environment. Using a virtual reality set-up while tracking eye-movements I seek to identify the effects of training in an artificial environment on gaze strategies during real world performance. This topic gains high relevance as a significant part of today's pilot training takes part in simulators. However, the transfer effects on gaze strategies acquired in training under artifical field of view to real world flight performance have not received sufficient attention yet.

Curriculum Vitae


Since 01/2013

Neural & Behavioral Sciences, MSc. Graduate Training Center / International Max Planck Research School, Tuebingen.

09/2014 - 11/2014 Lab Rotation at the Cognition & Control in Man-Machine Systems (Lewis Chuang, PhD), Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen.
02/2014 - 04/2014
Lab Rotaiton at the Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioural Neurobiology (Prof. Niels Birnbaumer), Tuebingen. Supervised by Ralf Veit, PhD & Lilian Konicar, PhD.
10/2012 - 03/2013
Research Internship at the Neural Decision Science Lab (Alan Sanfey, PhD); Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging; Donders Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Cognition, Nijmegen (NL)
10/2009 - 09/2013 Psychology, Bsc. Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen.

Professional Experience

since 01/2015

Max Planck Intstitute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen - Human Perception, Cognition and Action (Prof. Dr. Buelthoff), Cognition & Control in Man-Machine Systems (Lewis Chuang, PhD)

research assistant


- data collection and semantic labeling of eye-tracking data in virtual reality setup

since 09/2014

Center for Integrative Neuroscience, Tuebingen - Neural Basis of Intuition (Kirsten Volz, PhD),

research assistant


- programming (Presentation, MATLAB)

- preprocessing and data analysis of eye tracking data (custom-made script, iMAP3)

04/2014 - 06/2014

10/2013 - 12/2013

05/2013 - 07/2013


04/2012 - 06/2012

Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, Tuebingen -  Division of Neuropsychology (Prof. Dr. Dr. Karnath, Johannes Rennig),

research assistant


- stroke lesion marking in fMRI scans

- data collection (acute and chronic patients, elderly subjects)

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