Wonmo Jung

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action

Main Focus

*  Investigating human's face recognition has been becoming big issue in the perception research. Many perception researches are studying how human perceive and recognize environment and objects around us. But than any other objects, human have much better discriminating performance about face. When we know the reason we are very good at recognizing faces, maybe we can solve generic features which is helpful to know how we perceive and recognize objects. At this point many scientist have enthusiastic attitude on the face study.    *  And for another reason, the face research is very interesting. What defines our identity from for observers? The most reliable feature to recognize each identity is the face. If you have seen the famous movie 'Face off', you can remember the reason why people of the film mistook the identity of the two people which have changed face each other. Like this the face is so important to know who someone is. Do the day all of face recognition has been revealed come, we can also know why some faces are so charming or trustworthy or looking clever.    * My experiment is using summary statistics to know the face perception in the low level visual system. My experiment which is undergoing can not prove all of fascinating things written down above. But it is also very meaningful research to make a big step of face research.

The Role of Race in Summary Representations of Faces

Curriculum Vitae

Wonmo Jung Curriculum VitaeE-mail: croquies@korea.ac.kr

CURRENT POSITION   * Researcher as a graduate student of master and Ph.D. integrated course
* Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Biological Cybernetics Lab, Korea University 
* Anam-dong 5, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-713, Korea 


* Face Perception: Categorical Perception, Eye-movements, High-level Adaptation, Face-space  dimensions, Neural Representations and Encoding, The “Other-Race Effect”
* Texture Perception: The Relationship between Texture Perception and Emotion and Context, Ultra-rapid Object Recognition
* Placebo Effect: Separating Pain Matrix from Salient Network, Augmented Placebo Effect
* Acupuncture Research: Revising the method of Evidence-Based-Medicine about Acupuncture clinical research.

* Diploma in Korean Medicine, Department of Korean Medicine, Kyung-hee University, Seoul, Korea

* Korean Medicine Doctor License

* The First Prize Winner of Student Research in Kyung-hee University

* Wonmo Jung,  Regine Armann, Isabelle Bülthoff: "What gives a face its race?", APCV 2012     * Younbyoung Chae,  Dongseon Chang,  Soon-Ho Lee,  Wonmo Jung,  Inseon Lee,  Stephen Jackson,  Jian Kong,  Hyangsook Lee,  Hi-Joon Park ,  Hyejung Lee,  Christian Wallraven: "Inserting Needles into the Body: A Meta-analysis of Brain Activity Associated with Acupuncture Needle Stimulation", The Journal of Pain (2012 Accepted)

* Summary representations of faces ? Are other-race faces taken into account?:  with  Bülthoff I, Armann RGM, and Bülthoff HH (Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Korea)   * What gives a face its ethnicity: a cross-cultural study : with Armann RGM, Thornton I, Bülthoff I and Bülthoff HH (Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Korea)

* Oriental Medicine Treatment Skill (Acupuncture, Oriental medicine, Moxa et al) for Clinical Research   * iOS Application Development   * Objective - C Programming   * JavaScript Programming   * MATLAB Programming

* Korean   * English   * Chinese

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