Julia Gatzek

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action
Alumni of the Group Cognitive Engineering
Alumni of the Research Group Multisensory Perception and Action

Main Focus


I am in my 2nd year of my Bachelor degree in computing science with a cognitive science minor at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen. Currently I am working as a undergraduate research assistant in the applied "Cognitive Engineering" group in the department for Biological Cybernetics of Prof. Dr. Heinrich H. Bülthoff under the supervision of Dr. Stephan de la Rosa. I am very grateful to have already had one great year with enriching experiences, a broad range of learning opportunities and to feel the constant growth of responsibility and trust towards me within my worklife at the Institute and hope for many more to come.

Interests of Research:

As I am still exploring various fields in my undergraduate studies, I find the junction in between biological neuroscience and cognitive science especially interesting. Therefore I started working at the research group "Multisensory Perception & Action" of Dr. Marc Ernst in October 2010 under the supervision of Dr. Marieke Rohde. Within the group I mainly worked with projects researching the adaptation to sensory delays and perceived simultaneity. As the group unfortunately moved to Bielefeld in February 2011 I newly started working in the applied cognitive engineering group. Here my work has mainly involved testing several experiments within the field of human perception and cognition as well as programming. Currently I am working on a 3D motion capture database.

[For more Information on the projects I worked on, please look at the links I provided at my projectslist above]

In the following projects I worked as the research assistant booking and testing the participants. Furthermore I helped analyzing the produced data. The links provided will lead you to the researcher's webpage including further information on the listed projects.

(2011) Dr. Stephan de la Rosa:

  • Social interaction categorization
  • Dynamic Face Adaptation
  • Action respresentation
  • Motor-visual cross-talk

(2011) Stephan Streuber

  • Virtual Reality: joint action coordination

(2011) Dr. David Engel

  • Dynamic Detectability of Pedestrians

(2011) Dr. Massimiliano Di Luca:

  • Recalibration of Reaction Time

(2010) Dr. Marieke Rohde:

  • Embodied latency adaptation and the perception of simultaneity

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2009 Abitur at Theodor Heuss Gymnasium Goettingen
  • WS+SS 09/10 Mathematics at WWU Muenster
  • Since WS 10/11  Computing Science, Bachelor at EKU Tuebingen


  • students "Fachschaft" of computing science at the EKU
  • cognitive science study comittee
  • Anglo-Irish theatre group Tuebingen
  • Tuebinger Triathleten


  • year abroad in 2006 at Greer High School in South Carolina, USA
  • DAAD, Rise worldwide scholarship recipient for an two month internship in biological neuroscience at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia.
  • Languages: Latin, English, Spanish and German
  • Programming skills: fundamental knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming
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