Sarah Lisa Mieskes

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action
Alumni of the Group Social and Spatial Cognition

Main Focus

I'm currently a master student at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics.  For my project I'm building a database of motion capture stimuli of interacting people.  The database is designed to enable future resarch concerning the perception interacting of humans, e.g. to contrast them from a human interacting with an object.  In that context I work with the magnetical Xsems MVN motion catpure system, as well as the optical Vicon Traker/ IQ system.  Postprocessing will be done in Autodesk Maya, as well as Matlab and Horde 3D.

In past projects I resarched the effect of an adaption to motor-misual
mismatch on action judgments.  A study was conducted, in which participants adapted to different visual flow velocities of a virtual environment provided via HMD, while the subjects were walking on a linear treadmill.  The set up was programmed in Virtools.

Furthermore I worked on the analysis of EEG data with Matlab.  The goal was  to approximate the underlying spiking behavior in the resting brain, by the  gamma-amplitud and delta-phase coupling.

My bachelor project was about asymmetries in visual overt attention of different images, including cityscapes, nature scenes, colorful fractals and pink-noise illustrations.  The task was approached with an eye-tracking set-up (EyeLink II).

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