Department for Structure and Function of Natural Nerve-Net

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Campos-Ortega, J.; Strausfeld, N.: Synaptic Connections of Intrinsic Cells and Basket Arborizations in the External Plexiform Layer of the Fly's Eye. Brain Research 59, pp. 119 - 136 (1973)
Journal Article
Strausfeld, N.; Campos-Ortega, J.: The L4 Monopolar Neurone: A Substrate for Lateral Interaction in the Visual System of the Fly Musca Domestica (L). Brain Research 59, pp. 97 - 117 (1973)
Journal Article
Strausfeld, N.; Campos-Ortega, J.: L3, the 3rd 2nd order neuron of the 1st visual ganglion in the “neural superposition” eye of Musca domestica. Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 139 (3), pp. 397 - 403 (1973)
Journal Article
Braitenberg, V.: Remarks on the Texture of Brains. International Journal of Neuroscience 6 (1), pp. 5 - 6 (1973)

Book (1)

Braitenberg, V.: Gehirngespinste: Neuroanatomie für kybernetisch Interessierte. Springer, Berlin, Germany (1973), 137 pp.

Book Chapter (3)

Book Chapter
Braitenberg, V.: Golgi methods. In: The Encyclopedia of Microscopy and Microtechnique, pp. 229 - 232 (Ed. Gray, P.). Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, NY, USA (1973)
Book Chapter
Braitenberg, V.; Strausfeld, N.: Principles of the mosaic organization in the visual system‘s neuropil of Musca domestica. In: Central processing of visual information A: Integrative functions and comparative data, 10, pp. 631 - 659 (Eds. Autrum, H.; Bishop, P.). Springer, Berlin, Germany (1973)
Book Chapter
Braitenberg, V.; Strausfeld, N.: Principles of the Mosaic Organisation in the Visual System’s Neuropil of Musca domestica L. In: Central Processing of Visual Information A: Integrative Functions and Comparative Data, 10, pp. 631 - 659. Springer, Berlin, Germany (1973)
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