Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurotechnology

Key publications:

  1. Lorenz R, Johal M, Dick F, Hampshire A, Leech R & Geranmayeh F (2021). A Bayesian optimisation approach for rapidly mapping residual network function in stroke. Brain, 144:2120-2134, doi:10.1093/brain/awab10
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Journal Article (15)

Journal Article
DL Kurtin, G Araña‐Oiarbide, R Lorenz, IR Violante, and A Hampshire, "Planning ahead: Predictable switching recruits task‐active and resting‐state networks," Human Brain Mapping 44 (15), 5030-5046 (2023).
Journal Article
G Soleimani, MA Nitsche, TO Bergmann, F Towhidkhah, IR Violante, R Lorenz, R Kuplicki, A Tsuchiyagaito, B Mulyana, A Mayeli, P Ghobadi-Azbari, M Mosayebi-Samani, A Zilverstand, MP Paulus, M Bikson, and H Ekhtiari, "Closing the loop between brain and electrical stimulation: towards precision neuromodulation treatments," Translational Psychiatry 13 (279) (2023).
Journal Article
R Ciric, WH Thompson, R Lorenz, M Goncalves, E MacNicol, CJ Markiewicz , YO Halchenko , SS Ghosh , KJ Gorgolewski , RA Poldrack , and O Esteban , "TemplateFlow: FAIR-sharing of multi-scale, multi-species brain models," Nature Methods (19), 1568-1571 (2022).
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
R Lorenz, RP Monti, LE Simmons, JL Arthur, S Limal, I Laakso, R Leech, and IR Violante, "Efficiently searching through large tACS parameter spaces using closed-loop Bayesian optimization," Brain Stimulation 12 (6), 1484-1489 (2019).
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
IR Violante, LM Li, DW Carmichael, R Lorenz, R Leech, A Hampshire, JC Rothwell, and DJ Sharp, "Externally induced frontoparietal synchronization modulates network dynamics and enhances working memory performance," eLife 6, 1-22 (2017).
Journal Article
RP Monti, R Lorenz, RM Braga, C Anagnostopoulos, R Leech, and G Montana, "Real-time estimation of dynamic functional connectivity networks," Human Brain Mapping 38 (1), 202-220 (2016).
Journal Article
R Lorenz, RP Monti, IR Violante, C Anagnostopoulos, AA Faisal, G Montana, and R Leech, "The Automatic Neuroscientist: A framework for optimizing experimental design with closed-loop real-time fMRI," NeuroImage 129, 320-334 (2016).
Journal Article
R Lorenz, J Pascual, B Blankertz, and C Vidaurre, "Towards a holistic assessment of the user experience with hybrid BCIs," Journal of Neural Engineering 11 (3), 1-10 (2014).

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
PF da Costa, F Popescu, R Leech, and R Lorenz, "Elucidating Cognitive Processes Using LSTMs", in Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN 2019), (2019), pp. 272-275.

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
T Carricarte, P Iamshchinina, R Trampel, D Chaimow, R Lorenz, N Weiskopf, and RM Cichy, "Laminar activation pattern of category-selective regions during imagery and perception", in Journal of Vision, (Scholar One, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, 2022), Vol. 22, pp. 3683.

Talk (3)

R Lorenz, "Introducing the “Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurotechnology” group: Advancing insights into human high-level cognition", (2024).
R Lorenz, "Neuroadaptive technology for cognitive neuroscientists", (2020).
R Lorenz, "Fractionating the human frontoparietal cortex: Combining meta-analytic and real-time optimization approaches", (2018).

Poster (2)

N Demody, R Lorenz, J Duncan, and A Woolgar, "Spatial and feature-selective attention interact to driveselective coding in frontoparietal cortex: data from healthy controls and focal lesion patients", in 30th Anniversary Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS 2023), (2023).
N Dermody, R Lorenz, and A Woolgar, "Spatial and feature-selective attention interact multiplicatively in multiple-demand networ", in 27th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM 2021), (2021).

Preprint (1)

K Karolis Degutis, D Chaimow, D Haenelt, M Assem, J Duncan, J-D Haynes, N Weiskopf, and R Lorenz, "Dynamic layer-specific processing in the prefrontal cortex during working memory", (2023).
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