The 5-year program consists of a study phase and a research phase. Graduation from the study phase via an MSc qualifies students to enter the research phase.

Study Phase (2 years) starting in October 2020

Successful applicants undergo a full-time MSc program at the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience (GTC) at the University of Tübingen. The GTC is an umbrella entity comprising three graduate programs (Neural & Behavioral Sciences, Neural Information Processing, Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience), created to give students access to the broadest possible range of research and to encourage interactions among faculty and students in different disciplines. 

The Neuroscience program offers a diverse curriculum in the form of core neuroscience courses and advanced topics courses. Courses taken during the first two years are designed to fill gaps in the general biological or physical science background of each student, to provide broadly based training in neuroscience, and to provide intensive training in the particular area in which a student plans to carry out research. A specific program of courses designed to take advantage of the full educational opportunities is developed by the student in consultation with the graduate advisor.  

Semesters 1 + 2: theoretical part of the master´s training (lectures, tutorials, seminars, block practicals) 

Semester 3 + 4: practical part (laboratory/essay rotations and master´s thesis) 

The study phase concludes with the award of a Master´s degree (M.Sc) which is a prerequisite for entry onto the research phase.

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