Health Day 2017 on the Max Planck Campus

Muscle ache?

July 21, 2017

As an aftermath of yesterday's Health Day on the Max Planck Campus in Tübingen is most probably for one or the other a little pinch here and there. The reason? In different variances, stances and positions, three major topics were covered all around a healthy lifestyle, mainly movement, diet and stress.

From fitness for the back - hence the muscle ache - to nutritional advice or determining which stress-type you are, to Yoga, Qigong, etc., the choice was vast and surely enough to meet everyone’s needs and expectations! Thus, the MPI staff used the offers quite vividly and enthusiastically. If you were to enjoy a beetroot drink after the strenuous workout, one could go home with a good conscience yesterday.

In addition, there were many suggestions for a healthier life on a daily basis, as well as exercises that can be done at any time and without a trainer. So that after one healthy day many more will follow.

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