Jessica Bicking

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action

Main Focus

Finding perspective: Determining the embodiment of perspectival experience

Curriculum Vitae

Deborah Jessica Bicking, Research Assistant

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
Max-Planck-Ring 14
72076 Tübingen

University of Copenhagen, Alumna
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication

Phone: +45 31 42 27 66


Dec. 2016

Master of Arts (MA) in Cognition & Communication, University of Copenhagen, DK (Thesis: “What am I? -  Pathology as a way toward understanding Self in the Brain”)

Jan. 2012

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy and Psychology, Roskilde University, DK (Thesis: “The Scientificity of Interdisciplinary Study”)


Jan.– Apr. 2018

Research Assistant, Project: Finding Perspective, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (Dept. of Human Perception, Cognition and Action), Tübingen, Germany

2015 - 2016

Visiting Graduate Student, Brown University (Dept. of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences), Providence, USA

2011 - 2012

Visiting Undergraduate Student, Université Pierre-Mendès France (Institut de Psychologie), Grenoble, France


In progress

(1)   Bicking, D. J. “Memory and Self: Conceptualizing the experience of disordered Self in Alzheimer’s disease”


Apr.  2015

KUA Cog. & Com. Student Conference: “The cognitive sciences in the business of communication” (co-organized)


May 2017

“Memory and Self: Conceptualizing the experience of disordered Self in Alzheimer’s disease”, Neuroscience Day 2017: Rethink Memory, Aarhus University, Denmark

Sept. 2015

“Naturalizing the Mind: Conceptual work in interdisciplinary research (Or: Hello, I am a philosophy major)”, CLPS Student Talk Series, Dept. of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences, Brown University, USA

Apr.  2010

“En kort og koncis brugsanvisning til drabet af en gud: Nietzsche, mellemkrigstiden og Céline’s ’Rejse til Nattens Ende’”, 2010 Studentersymposium, Roskilde University, Denmark


German: Native
English: Fluent
Danish: Fluent
French: Intermediate

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