Jiazheng Zhou

Alumni of the Department High-Field Magnetic Resonance

Main Focus

Magnetic field inhomogeneities cause several types of severe MR imaging artifacts such as distortions, signal voids, banding artifacts or other issues related to frequency selective excitation or reception.

My project is to developing a local shim coil array to provide a dynamic and focal magnetic field to counter-act the B0 inhomogeneity in echo-planar imaging and balanced steady state free precession images.

Multi-Coil Shimming for 9.4T

Curriculum Vitae

2017.8 - Present  Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (Ph.D. student)

2014.9 - 2017.6  National Taiwan University (M.S.)

2010.8 - 2014.6  Zhejiang University (B. Eng.)

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