Evangelia-Regkina Symeonidou

Alumni of the Group Cognition and Control in Human-Machine Systems
Alumni of the Group Motion Perception and Simulation
Alumni of the Research Group Body and Space perception

Main Focus

Research Group:

Supervisor: Betty Mohler and Daniel Ferris

A great amount of effort has been made the past years in moving EEG collections out of the lab into the real world to study more natural behaviors. However, EEG motion artifacts arise during dynamic tasks and locomotion, masking the neural signals of interest. To overcome this challenge and collect meaningful data, we have to come up with better software and hardware solutions. During my PhD, I looked into how to modify different EEG hardware components to increase the recorded signal quality during motion. This is especially critical, because as a next step, I plan to combine augmented reality with EEG to study brain dynamics in a paradigm that involves over ground walking and dynamic movements such as ducking, jumping sideways, and other. As the last objective, I’d like to integrate these technologies and use them to record brain activity during over-ground walking in older and clinical populations.

Curriculum Vitae


2017- current

 Co-Supervied by Prof. Daniel Ferris at the University of Michigan and University of Florida

2014- current

PhD candidate at the International Max Planck Research School, Graduate Training Center of Neuroscience Tübingen

2011-13 MSc Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences, supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria, University of Regensburg

BSc Biology, University of Regensburg

Work/Research Experience

    Research associate at the University Hospital of Zurich, Neurology Department
    Research intern at the University Hospital of Zurich, Neurology Department


    Research intern at the Psychiatric University Clinic of Zurich, Department of Gerontopsychiatry


    Research intern at the Experimental Psychology Department, University of Regensburg


                                           Hildegard Hennsler-Stiftung


                                           Elite Network of Bavaria

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