Cesare Valerio Parise

Alumni of the Research Group Multisensory Perception and Action

Main Focus

The physical properties of the distal stimuli activating our senses are often correlated in nature. Stimulus correlations can be contingent and readily available to the senses (like the temporal correlation between mouth movements and vocal sounds in speech), or can be the results of the statistical co-occurrence of certain stimulus properties that can be learnt over time (like the relation between the frequency of acoustic resonance and the size of the resonator). My research, funded be the , focuses on the role of signal compatibility as a modulatory factor for multisensory integration and interaction.

Selected publications

•\tParise CV and Spence C (in press) Audiovisual crossmodal correspondences In:Oxford handbook of synaesthesia, (Ed) J. Simner, Oxford University Press.

•\tParise CV, Spence C and Ernst MO (2012) When Correlation Implies Causation in Multisensory Integration Current Biology 22(1) 46-49. 

•\tParise CV and Pavani F (2011) Evidence of sound symbolism in simple vocalizationsExperimental Brain Research 214(3) 373-380. 

•\tParise CV and Spence C (2009) "When Birds of a Feather Flock Together": Synesthetic Correspondences Modulate Audiovisual Integration in Non-SynesthetesPLoS ONE 4(5) 1-7. 

The full list of publications can be found .

In the media

•\t When correlation implies causation
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•\t Quando chi si somiglia si piglia: associazioni sinestetiche in non sinesteti

Curriculum Vitae


•\t2012 D.Phil. in Experimental Psychology,

•\t2006 Laurea in General and Experimental Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca

Academic appointments

•\tsince 2011 Visiting post doctoral scientist, 

•\tsince 2010 Research scientist, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

•\t2009 -2010 Research fellow, University of Trento


•\t2013 Best awarded by the

•\t2011 Student award at the International Multisensory Research Forum

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