Alexander Bauer

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action
Alumni of the Group Cognitive Engineering
Alumni of the Group Social and Spatial Cognition

Main Focus

Welcome to my page!

Please, let me present myself:


I am 22 years old and currently absolving my sixth semester in Cognitive Science in Tübingen. This quite new program of study includes mathematics, computer science, neuroscience, psychology, linguistic and a little bit of philosophy, whereby the computer science and neuroscience aspects awake my interest most. So I am glad to get some insights into the current research at the Max-Planck-Institute in the department for Biological Cybernetics of Prof. Dr. Heinrich H. Bülthoff as a research assistant and bachelor student in the group under the supervision of and .


I like this manifold mixture of various disciplines very much, but for me, the most inspiring fields are artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent and autonomous systems and cognitive modeling. In practice, I love to program and the power of abstraction and hierarchical, modular systems that arises out of some lines of code...

Future perspectives:

I hope to be able to spend my time and energy on interesting scientific projects and questions and to gain ground in science and also some experience in the economy.

My projects at the MPI for Biological Cybernetics:
  • The first project was

(contributing to the )

whereby my job is to program a network communication in order to transmit skeleton data obtained by motion tracking (cybersuit) and to animate an avatar using them online and without post-processing.

  • Now, I am writing my bachelor thesis with the working title

'Implementation of learning-based animation controllers for interactive dynamic face studies'

Curriculum Vitae

School and occupational career
From To Occupation Comment
09/2000 06/2009 Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim Mathematical-Natural-Scientific grammar schhool (Bavaria)
06/2009 University/entrance diploma

Intensive courses:

Physics, Economics & Law

06/2009 07/2009 6-weeks Technical Internship at Audi AG
Winter semester 2009 Begin of studies in cognitive science at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen

Goal degree:

Bachelor of Science in

Cognitive Science

11/2010 11/2011 Research Scientist at the Psychological Institute of Tübingen

Booking and testing of probands

10/2011 04/2012 Research Scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for biological Cybernetics

Programing a network communication for live animation skeleton data of tracked motion

05/2012 09/2012 Bachelor student at the Max-Planck-Institute for biological Cybernetics Implementation of learning-based animation controllers for interactive dynamic face studies
Language skills
First language German
9 years of English
5 years of French
1 semester of Spanish
Computer skills
Java, C++, C#, Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, Delphi, HTML, CSS, PHP, VBA, Microsoft Office
Other activities
  • Coach for 9-year-old kids for 1 year in handball
  • Playing handball myself for about 15 years
  • Playing some guitar for about 2 years
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