Stephanie Bertenbreiter

Communications Specialist
Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition and Action
+49 7071 601 222
+49 7071 601 616

Curriculum Vitae

(Pronouns: she/her – curious why I state this? Read this article.)

Since 01/2024: Communications (Internal Communication & Event Management)
Core Facility for Communications; Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen

06/2019 - 12/2023: Communications
Campus Core Facility for Communication of the MPI for Biological Cybernetics, MPI for Biology & FML in Tübingen

01/2012 - 05/2019: Scientific press officer
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany

    01/2012 – 05/2013: Project Coordinator
    EU-Project: „myCopter – Enabling Technologies for Personal Aerial Transportation Systems“
    Department for Human Perception, Cognition and Action, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Tübingen, Germany

      08 – 09/2010: Internship
      Press office of the „Deutschen Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH“, Eschborn, Germany 

      11/2009 – 12/2011: Trainee to become a scientific press officer
      Max Planck Campus Tübingen (MPIs for Developmental Biologie and Biological Cybernetics, Friedrich Miescher Laboratory)

        07 – 10/2009: Event Manager
        Institute for Farming and Rural Systems in the Tropics and Subtropics, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany 

        05/2009 – 07/2009: Research assistant
        Regional office for apiculture in Baden-Wurttemberg, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany 

        02/2009 – 07/2009: Special student advisor for Biology
        University Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany 

        05/2005 – 12/2008: Office assistant
        Student advisory service office of the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

        10/2003 - 01/2009: Biology (Emphasis on: Zoology, Parasitology, chemical Ecology)
        University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart. 

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