Anton V. Nikulin

Alumni of the Department High-Field Magnetic Resonance

Main Focus

I am involved in the optimization of the transmit only/receive only (ToRo) phased array for brain imaging at 9.4T. At the first step of this work, we optimized the transmit coil design containing 16 loops. As a key factor of this optimization, we used specific absorption rate (SAR) efficiency that was computed using methods of full-wave electrodynamic simulations. Currently, we optimize the geometry of the receive coil containing 32 elements. In near future, results of these simulations will be used to construct the prototype, test and evaluate it on the bench and in the MRI scanner.

Curriculum Vitae

Current position 

Post-doc with Radiology department at UKT Tübingen/Guest Scientist with Department High-field Magnetic Resonance at Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics


2017 - 2020    PhD with Langevin Institute, PSL Research University, Paris, France

2015 - 2017    Master with ITMO University (Physics and technologies faculty), Saint Petersburg, Russia

2011 - 2015    Bachelor with ITMO University (Optical faculty), Saint Petersburg, Russia

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