Publications of D Kautz

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Kautz, D.; Wagner, H.: GABAergic inhibition influences auditory motion-direction sensitivity in barn owls. Journal of Neurophysiology 80 (1), pp. 172 - 185 (1998)
Journal Article
Wagner, H.; Trinath, T.; Kautz, D.: Influence of stimulus level on acoustic motion-direction sensitivity in barn owl midbrain neurons. Journal of Neurophysiology 71 (5), pp. 1907 - 1916 (1994)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Kautz, D.; Wagner, H.: Sensitivity to acoustic motion stimuli in the barn owl's midbrain. In Nervous systems and behaviour: Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of Neuroethology, p. 50 (Eds. Burrows, M.; Matheson, T.; Newland, P.; Schuppe, H.). 4th International Congress of Neuroethology, Cambridge, UK, September 03, 1995 - September 08, 1995. Thieme, Stuttgart, Germany (1995)
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