Publications of G Chavez-Marchetta

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Journal Article
Santoyo-Zedillo, M.; Rodriguez-Ortiz, C.; Chavez-Marchetta, G.; Bermudez-Rattoni, F.; Balderas, I.: Retrieval is not necessary to trigger reconsolidation of object recognition memory in the perirhinal cortex. Learning & memory 21 (9), pp. 452 - 456 (2014)

Poster (4)

Chavez Marchetta, G.; Horn, F.; Saleh, T.; Kennedy, H.; Evrard, H.: Von Economo neuron projections to brainstem autonomic and interoceptive nuclei in the macaque monkey. 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2023), Washington, DC, USA (2023)
Hartig, R.; Battal, C.; Chávez, G.; Vedoveli, A.; Steudel, T.; Krampe, E.; Oeltermann, A.; Werner, J.; Logothetis, N.; Evrard, H.: Topographic mapping of the primate primary interoceptive cortex. 12th National Congress of the Belgian Society for Neuroscience (BSN 2017), Ghent, Belgium (2019)
Chavez, G.: Von Economo and Fork Neurons Projections to Preautonomic Nuclei in the Macaque Monkey. 8th Joint CIN-NIPS Symposium, Tübingen, Germany (2018)
Hartig, R.; Vedoveli, A.; Horn, F.; Battal, C.; Chávez, G.; Krampe, E.; Steudel, T.; Werner, J.; Oeltermann, A.; Logothetis, N. et al.; Evrard, H.: Functional mapping of insular cortex activity using gustatory and interoceptive stimuli. 47th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2017), Washington, DC, USA (2017)
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