Christian Neth

Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition & Action
Alumni of the Group Perception & Action in Virtual Environments

Main Focus

The focus of my (scientific) work covers the area of walking in virtual worlds. By applying well-directed manipulations on the computer-generated images, it is possible to walk a bigger virtual area than the real-world lab space ('Redirected Walking').
In particular, I am investigating our sensitivity of walking on curved paths.

Besides my scientific work, I help taking (technical) care of the different VR- setups, like the TrackingLab with its head-mounted displays and Vicon tracking system or the PanoLab, a 230x125 degrees spherical projection screen.

Curriculum Vitae

I studied 'Media and Communication Informatics' in Reutlingen. During my studies, I joined the MPI for a project (the so-called 'Scientific Deepening'). This project led into my Master's Thesis, which I successfully finished in 2010.

Since then, I worked as a research technician in the "Perception and Action in Virtual Environment" (PIVE) research group until December 2011.

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