Christoph Kayser

Alumni Department Physiology of Cognitive Processes
Alumni of the Research Group Physiology of Sensory Integration

Main Focus

Our brain is exposed to a flood of complex sensory events. The efficient and reliable processing of these suggests that I) sensory systems are adapted to the properties of their natural input and II) employ highly efficient means for en- and de-coding sensory information. Our work aims at understanding the underlying principles of this sensory information processing.

We currently focus on the processing of auditory information in temporal cortex and how this benefits from multisensory information. Specifically, we employ functional imaging studies to localize sensory convergence and then use electrophysiological methods to study the underlying neuronal processes. For example, using advanced data analysis methods we quantify the sensory information contained in potential neural codes. This not only enhances our understanding of the neural basis underlying perception, but also provides useful insights for potential medical applications.

Selected publications

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Spike-phase coding boosts and stabilizes the information carried by spike patterns.
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A voice region in the monkey brain.
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Listening with your eyes.
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