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    Kim, J.; Müller, K.-R.; Chung, Y.; Chung, S.-C.; Park, J.-Y.; Bülthoff, H.; Kim, S.-P.: Distributed functions of detection and discrimination of vibrotactile stimuli in the hierarchical human somatosensory system. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Biessmann, F.; Murayama, Y.; Logothetis, N.; Müller, K.; Meinecke, F.: Improved decoding of neural activity from fMRI signals using non-separable spatiotemporal deconvolutions. NeuroImage 61 (4), pp. 1031 - 1042 (2012)
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    Murayama, Y.; Biessmann, F.; Meinecke, F.; Müller, K.-R.; Augath, M.; Oeltermann, A.; Logothetis, N.: Relationship between neural and hemodynamic signals during spontaneous activity studied with temporal kernel CCA. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 28 (8), pp. 1095 - 1103 (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Baehrens, D.; Schroeter, T.; Harmeling, S.; Kawanabe, M.; Hansen, K.; Müller, K.-R.: How to Explain Individual Classification Decisions. Journal of Machine Learning Research 11, pp. 1803 - 1831 (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Biessmann, F.; Meinecke, F.; Gretton, A.; Rauch, A.; Rainer, G.; Logothetis, N.; Müller, K.-R.: Temporal Kernel CCA and its Application in Multimodal Neuronal Data Analysis. Machine Learning 79 (1-2), pp. 5 - 27 (2010)
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    Sonnenburg, S.; Braun, M.; Ong, C.; Bengio, S.; Bottou, L.; Holmes , G.; LeCun, Y.; Müller, K.-R.; Pereira, F.; Rasmussen, C. et al.; Rätsch, G.; Schölkopf, B.; Smola, A.; Vincent, P.; Weston, J.; Williamson, R.: The Need for Open Source Software in Machine Learning. The Journal of Machine Learning Research 8, pp. 2443 - 2466 (2007)
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    Journal Article
    Rätsch, G.; Sonnenburg, S.; Srinivasan, J.; Witte, H.; Müller, K.-R.; Sommer, R.-J.; Schölkopf, B.: Improving the Caenorhabditis elegans Genome Annotation Using Machine Learning. PLoS Computational Biology 3 (2 ), pp. 0313 - 0322 (2007)
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    Tsuda, K.; Akaho, S.; Kawanabe, M.; Müller, K.: Asymptotic Properties of the Fisher Kernel. Neural computation 16 (1), pp. 115 - 137 (2004)
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    Journal Article
    Ziehe, A.; Kawanabe M, Harmeling, S.; Müller, K.-R.: Blind separation of post-nonlinear mixtures using linearizing transformations and temporal decorrelation. Journal of Machine Learning Research 4 (7-8), pp. 1319 - 1338 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Harmeling, S.; Ziehe A, Kawanabe, M.; Müller, K.-R.: Kernel-based nonlinear blind source separation. Neural Computation 15 (5), pp. 1089 - 1124 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Mika, S.; Rätsch, G.; Weston, J.; Schölkopf, B.; Smola, A.; Müller, K.-R.: Constructing Descriptive and Discriminative Non-linear Features: Rayleigh Coefficients in Kernel Feature Spaces. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 25 (5), pp. 623 - 628 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Rätsch, G.; Mika S, Schölkopf, B.; Müller, K.-R.: Constructing Boosting algorithms from SVMs: an application to one-class classification. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 24 (9), pp. 1184 - 1199 (2002)
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    Journal Article
    Müller, K.-R.; Mika S, Rätsch, G.; Tsuda, K.; Schölkopf, B.: An Introduction to Kernel-Based Learning Algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 12 (2), pp. 181 - 201 (2001)
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    Journal Article
    Zien, A.; Rätsch, G.; Mika S, Schölkopf, B.; Lengauer, T.; Müller, K.-R.: Engineering Support Vector Machine Kernels That Recognize Translation Initiation Sites. Bioinformatics 16 (9), pp. 799 - 807 (2000)
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    Journal Article
    Smola, A.; Schölkopf, B.; Müller, K.-R.: The connection between regularization operators and support vector kernels. Neural Networks 11 (4), pp. 637 - 649 (1998)

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    Lee, S.-W.; Bülthoff, H.; Müller, K.-R. (Eds.): Recent Progress in Brain and Cognitive Engineering. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands (2015), 213 pp.

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    Book Chapter
    Rätsch, G.; Schölkopf, B.; Smola AJ, Mika S, Onoda, T.; Müller, K.-R.: Robust ensemble learning. In: Advances in Large Margin Classifiers, pp. 207 - 220. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, USA (2000)

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    Conference Paper
    Biessmann, F.; Murayama, Y.; Logothetis, N.; Müller, K.-R.; Meinecke, F.: Non-separable Spatiotemporal Brain Hemodynamics Contain Neural Information. In: Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging, pp. 140 - 147 (Eds. Langs, G.; Rish, I.; Murphy, B.). NIPS Workshop on Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging (MLINI 2011), Sierra Nevada, Spain, December 16, 2011 - December 17, 2011. Springer, Berlin, Germany (2012)
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    Conference Paper
    Laub, J.; Macke, J.; Müller, K.-R.; Wichmann, F.: Inducing Metric Violations in Human Similarity Judgements. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19, pp. 777 - 784 (Eds. Schölkopf, B.; Platt, J.; Hoffman, T.). Twentieth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2006), Vancouver, BC, Canada. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, USA (2007)
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    Conference Paper
    Harmeling, S.; Meinecke, F.; Müller, K.-R.: Analysing ICA component by injection noise. 4th International Symposium on Independent Component Analysis and Blind Signal Separation, Nara, Japan. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Independent Component Analysis and Blind Signal Separation (ICA 2003), pp. 149 - 154 (2003)
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