Publications of C Tessereau

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Journal Article
Tessereau, C.; O'Dea, R.; Coombes, S.; Bast, T.: Reinforcement learning approaches to hippocampus-dependent flexible spatial navigation. Brain and Neuroscience Advances 5, 2398212820975634 (2021)

Poster (1)

Xuan, F.; Tessereau, C.; Ashby, M.; Clopath, C.; Jones, M.; Mainen, Z.; Pickering, T.; Walton, M.; Mellor, J.; Dayan, P. et al.; Dombeck, D.: Where did my Cheese Move? Behavioural and Hippocampal Traces of Uncertainties Induced by Changes in Reward Distributions. FENS Forum 2022, Paris, France (2022)
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