Publikationen von AK Warzecha

Zeitschriftenartikel (5)

Preissl, H.; Cruse, H.; Luksch, H.; Malaka, R.; Neumann, T.; von Sengbusch , G.; Warzecha, A.; König, P.; Oram, M.; Wagner, H. et al.; Vollmer, G.; Mayer-Kress , G.; Egelhaaf, M.; Pfeifer, R.: Group report: The behavior of natural and artificial systems: Solutions to functional demands. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, C: Journal of Biosciences 53 (7-8), S. 765 - 769 (1998)
Egelhaaf, M.; Borst, A.; Warzecha, A.-K.; Flecks, S.; Wildemann, A.: Neural circuit tuning fly visual neurons to motion of small objects II: Input organization of inhibitory circuit elements revealed by electrophysiological and optical recording techniques. Journal of Neurophysiology 69 (2), S. 340 - 351 (1993)
Warzecha, A.-K.; Egelhaaf, M.; Borst, A.: Neural circuit tuning fly visual interneurons to motion of small objects I: Dissection of the circuit by pharmacological and photoinactivation techniques. Journal of Neurophysiology 69 (2), S. 329 - 339 (1993)
Warzecha, A.-K.; Borst, A.; Egelhaaf, M.: Photo-ablation of single neurons in the fly visual system reveals neural circuit for the detection of small moving objects. Neuroscience Letters 141 (1), S. 119 - 122 (1992)
Zanker, J.; Egelhaaf, M.; Warzecha, A.-K.: On the coordination of motor output during visual flight control of flies. Journal of Comparative Physiology A 169 (2), S. 127 - 134 (1991)
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