Dr. Cristóbal Curio

Dr. Cristóbal Curio

Guest Scientist
Alumni of the Department Human Perception, Cognition & Action
Alumni of the Group Cognitive Engineering
Alumni of the Group Recognition & Categorization
+49 7121 271 4005

Main Focus

Since November 2014 I am full Professor for Cognitive Systems at Reutlingen University.

I have been heading the applied  group at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. In this group we develop and employ applications based on Computer-Vision, Computer-Graphics and Machine-Learning in combination with methods from applied human perception in order to optimize interfaces between emerging technologies and end-users.

In the Cognitive Engineering group computer scientists, psychologists, mathematicians, and engineers work closely together on research questions at the interface of different research areas overall contributing to a better understanding of building better human centered systems.

Highly controllable and realistic settings, for example animated faces, offer the opportunity for advanced experiments, and at the same time a framework to design and optimize novel Human-Machine Interfaces, ultimately opening a new window to industries such as entertainment computing (games), communication research (information transfer & multimedia), medical systems (rehabilitation, imaging), and personal assistance devices (assisted living, automotive).

04/11/2013 New HMI detectability concept supporting situational awareness featured in IEEE .

Congratulations to Christian Herdtweck for his successful PhD defense!

29/06/2013 Our approach on 3D driver head pose monitoring was presented at conference at Eurographics UK.

24/06/2013 Our cognitive vision architecture on efficient monocular car viewpoint estimation [] has been presented at the conference.

Our approach 'Detectability Prediction for Increased Scene Awareness', together with David Engel, M.I.T., is going to appear as regular paper in the upcoming IEEE Intelligent Tansportation Systems Magazine.

We participated in (Future and Emerging Technologies) project TANGO. The project has been evaluated as excellent.

Visual cues in emotional dynamic facial expression recognition ()

13/09/2012 Award received together with my PhD student Christian Herdtweck at .

Novel HMI approach for enhancing drivers' environment perception (, runner-up for best paper) and novel monocular visual odometry approach at .

09/ 2011
HMI system for image retrieval presented at  conference.

06/ 2011
Automotive HMI approach at .

Paper presentation at , Santa Barbara. Watch our latest .

Book on has appeared.

Two .

Paper at CVPR Conference on .

New 'Emotional interaction grounded in realistic context'.

Runner up DAGM prize for work on automatic 3D surface tracking for the generation of a 4D morphable face model. .

From Research to Innovation and Practical Applications (Program Committee) 
PC Associate Editor
WIAF-2012 Workshop  at ECCV, technical PC.
Associate Editor
06/2011 Organization of workshop on interactive pedestrian behavior analysis and synthesis at IEEE sponsored , Baden-Baden, June 5, .
PC at 1st IEEE workshop on  at ICCV 2011
Program Committee
Area Chair

Supervised doctoral students:

(graduated in 2011, Postdoctoral Associate at Sloan Management, M.I.T., Cambridge/ USA)
Shape-Centered Representations: From Features to Applications

(graduated in 2012, MPI)
Datenbasierte Gesichtsanimation

(graduated in 2013, MPI)
Learning Data-Driven Representations for Robust Monocular Computer Vision Applications []

(Technial Staff)

(Co-Supersion with Isabelle Bülthoff and Johannes Schultz)


Master and Bachelor students

(2007, Master), David Engel (2007, Master), (2013, Bachelor), Johannes Stephan (2010, Master)

Recent teaching

WS 2012/13 at the Computer Science Department, Tübingen.

SS 2012 Teaching at the Graduate School of Neural Information Processing, Tübingen

WS 2010/11 Teaching  at the Computer Science Department, Tübingen University

WS 2009/10 Teaching  at the Computer Science Department, Tübingen University

Recent talks

Curio C (May-05-2014) Invited Lecture: Perceptual Driver Assistance through Human-Centered Visual Modeling, , Marcus Evans, Wiesbaden.

Curio C (March-4-2013) Invited Lecture: Novel Design Principles for Interfacing Artificial and Human Vision for Assistive Perceiving Systems, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems: Perceiving Systems Department, Tübingen, Germany.

Curio C (November-18-2012) Invited Lecture: Fusion of Human- and Machine-Vision: Research, Tools and Applications for Driving Assistance, Bosch R&D, Hildesheim, Germany.

Curio C (October-12-2012) Invited Lecture: Fusing Human- and Machine-Vision for Enhanced Driver Perception and Decision Making, Environment Perception Group, Daimler AG, Ulm, Germany.

Curio C, Giese M, Bülthoff HH and de la Rosa S (September-2012) Abstract Talk: Motor-visual effects in the recognition of dynamic facial expressions, 35th European Conference on Visual Perception, Alghero, Italy, Perception, 41(ECVP Abstract Supplement) 44.

Curio C (March-2011) Invited Lecture: Perceptual Graphics: Revealing the Algorithms of Perception, University of Southern California, Institute of Creative Technologies (ICT), Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Projects of the applied group encompassed:

My group was supported mostly through my fundings (EU and DFG since 2004 and various automotive industry and BMBF projects, since 1998).

Major recent fundings since 2006 have been:

(PI and project leader, grant application, and local coordinator)

(PI and project leader, grant application for a senior post-doc position)

(grant application, PI, Project Leader and local Coordinator)

Curriculum Vitae

Since 11/2014 Full Professor for Cognitive Systems in 

07/2014 Habilitation in Computer Science, Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen

2013-2014 TWT GmbH Science & Innovation, Innovation Management

2004-2013 Senior Research Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Dept. Prof. Bülthoff


, International Project Management


Medizinische Bildverarbeitung at the Computer Science Department, Tübingen (WS 2012/13).

Machine Learning II, International Graduate School for Neural Information Processing, Tuebingen (SS 2012)

Probabilistic Methods in Artificial Intelligence at , , University of Tübingen (WS 2010/2011)

Advanced Methods in Machine Learning at , , University of Tübingen (WS 2009/2010)

2004 Dr.-Ing., Title: "A learning-based computer vision approach for the inference of articulated motion"

1998-2003 , Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Dept. Prof. W. von Seelen

Group member of the Real-Time Computer-Vision Group

Automotive Industries Consulting (BMW Group, Audi AG, Opel AG, Daimler AG)

BMBF Project VESUV "Videobasiertes Assistenzsystem zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit ungeschützter Verkehrsteilnehmer"/"Video-based driver assistance system for increased safety of passice traffic pariticipants". Coordinator BMW Group.

2001 MIT, USA, CBCL-AI Object Recognition, visiting researcher since

1992-1998 , Ruhr-University of Bochum, Graduated Dipl.-Ing. (1998)

1996-1997 , Indiana, USA

1997 and 1998 Prucka Engineering Inc, Houston/USA, Industry: Medical Devices

Privately held company (now General Electric Healthcare), 200 employees, Hardware Development, Market Research Medical Imaging Devices, Supplier Market Monitoring, Development of Image Processing/3D Catheter Reconstruction, Software Testing.

Recent Grants and Awards:

2012 Best Paper Award at IEEE Multisensor Fusion and Information Integration Conference (MFI)

2010 EU-Future & Emerging Technologies Grant Award TANGO

2009 DFG Perceptual Graphics Grant Award II

2009 Best Paper Award DAGM

2006 EU-Integrated Project Grant Award BACS, Integrated Project

2006 DFG Perceptual Graphics Grant Award I

External activities

IV 2013 , PC/Associate Editor
2 Workshop  at ECCV, PC.
Associate Editor
06/2011 Organization of workshop on interactive pedestrian behavior analysis and synthesis at IEEE sponsored , Baden-Baden, June 5, .
PC at 1st IEEE workshop on  at ICCV 2011
Program Committee
Area Chair

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