Anna-Lea Beyer

Graduate Assistant

Main Focus

Anna-Lea is a graduate research assistant in the Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnology lab led by Dr Romy Lorenz. She mainly works with ultrahigh field 9.4T rs fMRI data to observe layer-specific activity. In addition, she hopes to optimize cognitive task design by applying neuroadaptive Bayesian optimization to real-time fMRI.

Key words: brain gradients, fMRI/MRI, resting-state fMRI, neuroadaptive Bayesian optimization, cortical layer analysis, machine learning, brain-computer interfaces

Curriculum Vitae

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Psychology from King's College London, Anna-Lea is currently a master's student in Neural and Behavioural Sciences at the Graduate Training Center of Neuroscience in Tuebingen. During her final-year dissertation with Professor Robert Leech, she developed a novel approach to identify brain gradients from behavioural and large-scale neuroimaging data.

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